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Train At Home

Date: 24-03-2020

With the recent events unfolding and the new requirements to self-isolate, now is the perfect time to work out at home. You only need a few simple pieces of equipment to keep you in shape and help with some much-needed stress relief.  Read further for a few recommendations from the Team at Sports Outlet.


SKLZ Mini Bands

Don’t let the size of these little bands fool you.  They are an effective and versatile training tool that can be used to increase strength and stability.  SKLZ Mini Bands can be used for both upper and lower body exercises.  Mini Bands are perfect for lateral movement exercises, hip, and glute activation and shoulder stabilization.  The set includes 3 levels of resistance bands and an instruction booklet to get you started.

RRP: $29.99 Incl GST


SKLZ Trainer Roller

When you ramp up the training it is critical that you don’t ignore recovery.  The SKLZ trainer roller provides clear visuals printed directly on the roller that also highlight the muscles you are releasing for maximum results.  The Trainer Roller is manufactured from commercial-grade foam to reach deep tissues, it’s a roller and sports massage therapist all-in-one.

RRP:$89.99 incl GST


SKLZ Trainer Mat

Get a complete workout and mat in one. The Trainer Mat has illustrations printed directly on the mat that shows muscles being targeted as well as the recommended sets and reps.  Layer the exercises together and create a full-body workout that will keep you in shape.  The Trainer Mat shows 21 named exercises and measures 180cm X 60cm X 0.5cm thick.

RRP: $59.99 incl GST


SKLZ Core Wheels

Enhance your traditional plank and push-up exercises with the SKLZ Core Wheels.  The rolling wheels on each side destabilize your movements, causing your shoulders, torso, and hips to work harder than ever before.  The Core Wheels have ergonomic foam handles, lightweight design and also include a training guide to get you started. 

RRP: $79.99 incl GST


SKLZ Trainer Ball

The SKLZ Trainer Ball gives you a complete, efficient full-body training session.  With exercises and clear visuals printed directly on the ball, it shows you the muscles being targeted.  It also includes the recommended sets and reps for maximum results.  The package also includes a pump to get started immediately.


RRP: $59.99 incl GST


SKLZ Slidez

When it comes to strength, it is important to remember that it all starts with the core. Built to engage your core through a variety of movements, Slidez are created with a low-friction, non-marking bottom that slides on virtually any surface, while a non-slip, ergonomic tread pattern provides better grip for hands and feet.  Their unique shape reinforces omnidirectional movement. The SKLZ Slidez are the ideal, use-anywhere training aid that builds core strength and increases flexibility.


RRP: $44.99


You can shop for these items and much more online at www.sportsoutlet.co.nz.  We have nationwide delivery and free shipping for orders over $300.


If you have any questions contact the Sports Outlet Team at team@sportsoutlet.co.nz

Stay safe & Healthy…